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003: resources.

I learned from amazing @ allthingscute. :)
Thank you so much.

JASC Paint Shop Pro 7//JASC Animation Shop 3.

pixelpeach pixelslikewhoa sayclubsandmore

Blinkie Templates

Comment if you take anything. Please do not remove my username from the filename of the blank. You may remove it if you make anything with the blank.
Do NOT re-distribute templates.
Not for commercial use (not to be used to make a profit). You may use them as freebies, yourself, gifts for friends, etc.
Do not remove boxes to use on something else.
Do not claim it as your own.
Credit mama @ beauties or on a credit or resource page.)

Blinkie Boxes


- You may use these for your own personal use
- You may use these in freebie requests at your community
- You may not use these for private/paid requests
- You may not alter these to make new boxes to claim as your own
- You may not claim these as your own design
- You must place a proof of purchase/proof of gifting button in your resources)


You may use these boxes in freebies.
You may use these boxes for your personal use.
You may NOT use the boxes for profit (i.e. paid/private requests).
You may NOT claim or sell them as your own creations
You may NOT use them to make your own set of boxes.
You may NOT give them away to anyone. Simply direct others to this page!
When using these boxes you MUST place the logo below in your resources/memberships page with a link back to

Brittanie @ Oh So Sweet Pixels.

~Terms For Using My Premade Blinkie Boxes~

1. Do not alter, rip apart or claim my blinkie boxes as your own. Adding colors & shading the centers are OK!
2. Always credit me with a link back to my site. Brittanie @ Oh So Sweet Pixels
3. Do not redistribute or share my blinkie boxes in any way. Send them here to snag!
4. You must create a blinkie with them to use them. You can't use or sell as is.
5. Your creations can be sold, but you must provide proper credit to me.)


-you may use these boxes for your own use, freebies in your
communities and paid requests
-you may not redistribute these boxes, give them to your friends,
claim them as your own or try to edit them to claim them as your own
-you may not re-sell these boxes)

Blinkie Boxes by 7thbullet.

→ Link me up somewhere your resources page as credit :D
→ Do not further edit them into another boxes! You can only recolor & flip the boxes.
→ You're not allowed to resell them to anyone else, it's for my friends and/or loved girls to use only~!
→ You can use them for freebies/paid freebies ^w^
→ For your OWN use only.
→ Any other questions lemme know :3)


By purchasing any of my boxes you agree to follow the following terms.


Boxes are not to be re-sold or re-distributed!
Boxes are not to be altered/edited in any way to create your "own" box or any other graphic.
Purchasing my box does not make it yours. You're buying it to use it. You may not claim them as "your" own work.
You may use them for personal or commercial use (paid requests, etc).
Once I've sent the boxes that you've ordered to you they are non-refundable.
The Proof of Purchase button provided must be put up on your resources/credits and linked to:


My boxes may be used for free or paid work, as long
as you display my proof-of-purchase in your credits.}






Also using content @ EH donated by OSSP and Silver-Tree (formerly SPP).

EXPIRES: March 9, 2012.

three sets of blinkie boxes.

PF Mil.
Pixel Poiiz.
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